Immerse yourself in an innovative ecosystem

Surround yourself with a team of pros to get your projects off the ground!

We innovate together

Speed up the pace of innovation in the company and develop the skills of all those involved in the product development workflow, with the tools that will help you go from the idea to the prototype.

Prototype with our team

A specialized project leader can design for you a POC from design to feedback. Price on request

A (third) place to develop your business

The workshop equipment is shared and accessible to all startups, creators and freelancers, to develop their prototypes, produce unique pieces or mini series.

For SME, it is an ideal addition to their own ressources in order to go further, think outside the box and innovate.

Opening a lab or a makerspace: our consulting activity

Thanks to its international experience in opening in-house labs or makerspaces open to the public, our team can guide you through each step of the opening of your own space.

Dive into the Makers’ universe and the digital world

TechShop is a change catalyst, a place for discovery, inspiration. Stop off at one of our locations in the course of a learning expedition, attend a talk about the impact of the 3rd Industrial Revolution for business, or – as makers do – learn by doing in a surprising workshop!

Collective Intelligence brought to you by the community

A Hackathon-style event, a meeting between a creator or a startupper and a corporation looking for outside talents… Those are a few of the many ways the TechShop community can contribute to mixing intelligence and skills.

Develop people with classes and workshops

Workshops, Team Building sessions, classes to develop your skills on machines, software or training sessions on creative and design thinking are helpful resources to encourage the personal growth within companies and territories. TechShop is an accredited training organisation. Our offers are therefore eligible, under conditions, for the company training curriculum and OPCA.

More details

You will find all the details concerning the offer for companies in our documentation in PDF format, to download or to print.